Memory Vice Versa, Chapter II: The Aesthetics Of Leftovers

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Chapter II
The Aesthetics Of Leftovers

In chapter I, “What is collected?” arises as primer question. To be able to answer this question, it is necessary to ask what kind of things are not collected the same time as leaving out could as well be considered as an active and conscious process. Therefore the acts of col lecting and leaving out correlate in an oppositional way. Collecting comprises of the interplay of a mutual reaction of conserving and discarding. The second chapter of “Memory Vice Versa” is a visual exploration of leftovers. Talking about an oppositional relationship between collecting and leaving out before, this aspect is now going to be transferred into my process and the method I developed to create the col pages. The final results are five class-related objects, created by a combination of the left over paper of each collage and conserving acrylic glas.