Memory Vice Versa, Chapter III: Objects Of Subjective Value

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Chapter III
Objects Of Subjective Value

Chapter III brings a change in perspective. As my personal function within the process so far was observing, collecting, discarding and visualizing memories of others, there is now going to be a change of roles. As in 2017 my family decided to rebuild and modernize our home, I was suddenly confronted with seeing my childhood – and all of its memories – being taken into pieces by family members and strangers. To maintain these childhood memories, I am now going to take the role of the narrator and answer the questionnaire I created in chapter I myself. Therefore I collected destroyed and abandoned objects of the house, to recompose them and create objects of my own memories. In chapter I I asked the participants to relate forms and colors to their memor y. By painting outstanding parts of the objects in a specific color I now apply this method to myself . The object’s title contains the memory I associate the object itself with and the contextually chosen color of paint.