Cutting Vegetables Fondly

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“Cutting vegetables fondly” is the visualization of one of my own childhood memories and its’ psychological conclusion. I can remember when being a child eating vegetables mostly has been anathema to me, whereas to my mother healthy food has always been very important. She tried to convince me of eating vegetables in a soft, but persistent way, using all kind of tricks.

Therefore my mother created a dish made of vegetables, which I was allowed to pick out of different shapes and colours. Afterwards, she appointed me to be her assistant, who was in charge of cutting the vegetables carefully the right way. It’s a beautiful memory of my mothers’ fondly, but secret efforts to persuade me to eat healthy food.

This project deals with the part of the preparation I was involved in as a child. The main emphasis is the picking and cutting of the vegetables and the emerging shapes. Out of this shapes, a typography is created and afterwards encoded, to visualize the secret motives and message of my mother.

Besides a documenting magazine, the project contains a type case of wooden stamps, which can be used to print your own secret message.