“The Ways of Free-floating” Book Design

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The basis of this project is the exhibition “Ways of Free-floating: Gender as routine”, which took place in April 2019 at Gallery175 in Insa-Dong, Seoul. The exhibition was initiated by an exhibition grant from the Korea National University of Arts, for which my colleague Youngbinn Sohn and I applied as a team for a duo show. The exhibition was the first part of our gender research project “Ways of Free-Floating”.
The title of this project comes from Judith Butler’s expression of gender as a “free-floating work of art”. The exhibition attempts to raise doubts about the autonomy of sexuality expressed and realised by individuals. Beginning with interviews of 22 people from South Korea and Germany and a survey answered by 112 people from different nations, the exhibition explores the gender roles performed by individuals in everyday life, to explore variations and changes in the habit of sexuality.